Wedding Speeches for Mother of the bride and the Groom

When it comes to wedding speech for the mother of the bride, it is a great chance to tell your daughter how happy you are and take this opportunity to welcome your son-in-law to your family.

Normally wedding speech for the mother of the bride has to be short yet meaningful. As the mom, you hardly get a chance to write your speech properly. Wedding is such an occasion that the mom of the bride has to be engaged with each and every angle of it.

motherIf you have motherly advice to share to the newly weds then you should do that. The advice you are about to be given should be inspirational as well as outstanding so that people present there should appreciate you short and sweet speech. However, it shouldn’t sound like you are giving a sermon or a lesson in marital life. Isn’t it??

This is the life time opportunity to share your thoughts to address in the wedding day of your daughter. I would suggest you to take a look at “Wedding speech for you” guide. I had a wonderful experience on my wedding day when my mom shared a toast (with the help of that guide of course) and all guests present in the hall started clapping for her. It was really a proud moment for me.


Wedding speech for the mother of the Groom.


The mom of the Groom normally don’t get a chance to deliver a wedding speech often but in our case we had time on the wedding day and as we all are following “Wedding speech for you” for our wedding speeches we planned our day that way.

In my wedding day we decided to deliver funny wedding speeches and extract the amazing time and tested example given in the guide. The mom of the Groom, who is my mom-in-law of course 🙂 shared a toast for all of us which was fantastic.

The mother of the Groom should take this opportunity to thank everyone with a inspirational way and welcome the bride and her family to her family.

Even though it looks like similar to the speech of the mother of bride but there is a little trick into it. Wedding speeches for all describes everything so well that even a 2 to 3 sentence of speech can captivate the audience.

So I suggest all of you to make you wedding the of your daughter and son’s wedding a memorable on just by taking a little twist without letting know everyone else. Small things can make big difference.

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