Wedding speech order and ideas

Wedding speech order and ideas

Hi, I am Jennilia here. Thank you for visiting my website. You are on the right place if you are looking for a perfect Wedding speech order and ideas for all. In this little website I am also going to disclose how to improve your wedding speech and make your wedding reception a success.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you to go through my webpage. I hope by now you are all prepared with your wedding speech and ready to deliver. If you have any confusion and don’t have that confidence on your wedding speech then I can suggest a great place for your help i.e “Wedding speech for you”- by Dan Stevens and Sally Samuels.


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Traditional Wedding speech order.

Lets have a look at the traditional wedding speech order which is commonly used now. As the wedding ceremony and the reception moved away from what traditionally done, there is no right and wrong answer when it comes to speech order.

:- In the traditional speech order, the best man will make toast to the bride or couple.

:- The groom in response to the best man toast on behalf of himself and his wife. The groomfathermother then thanks both parents and make toast to the maid of honor.

:- The best man will then respond on behalf of the bride, he also thank others, the ashes close friends and the father of the groom.

:- The father of the groom will then respond on behalf of himself and the groom’s mother and toast the bride’s parents.

:- The father of the bride finish by responding on behalf of himself and the bride’s mother.


:- The Master of Ceremonies(MC) introduces themselves (the bridal party) and welcomes everyone to the Reception and announces the wedding couple’s arrival into the wedding hall.

:- Then the father of the bride make toast to the bride and the groom.

:- The Groom in response makes a toast to the bridal party.

:- The best man responses on behalf of the bridal party.

:- Toast to the Bride’s Parents, either by the Best Man or a friend of the bride’s

:- The father of the bride responses and he makes toast to the Groom’s parents.

:- The father of the Groom responses.

:- The MC or the best man reads the wishes received vis emails, SMS, tweets or Facebook posts in a short way.

But in recent times the wedding speech order its moved far away from what’s traditionally done something that is quite modern than the common format.

What we notice in modern wedding reception is that the best man followed by the father Groom than the father of the bride finishing with the groom and bride wedding toast but it’s a good idea to predetermine who’ll be toasting for whom.

When it comes to speech what structuring based on impact that is one present himself as a stronger speaker than others so that the guest can be engaged, its kind of structuring the wedding speeches in such a way so that it really impact and progress as you go along. A little bit like a supporting-actor preparing before main act.

This might seem like a risky approach, well it is to a degree but really there’s no downside. lf the speaker doesn’t live up to the expectation then the well prepared speeches balance the situation. I have mentioned these not to create too much pressure on the speaker but to prepare yourself for the occasion.

At our wedding reception the whole wedding speech order had been changed and planned according to our comfort. My husband, the groom got up and pretty much toasted everyone with his wonderful wedding speech that was written with the guidance of Dan Stevens and Sally Samuels from their great guide-“Wedding speech for you.”

Even if it looks simple but to make everyone speeches highly successful and interesting you need to prepare your speech well for the occasion. We wrote our wedding speeches from this great program. Ignore this program only if you are confident about your wedding speeches. There are lot of wedding speech ideas and also this program guides you how to deliver it as well.


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Wedding Speech order for a Sit Down Reception

If you are looking for a format of when to schedule in the wedding speeches, you can follow these below mentioning ideas

The Master of Ceremonies(MC) introduces themselves and welcomes the guest to the wedding reception hall. The MC also introduces the wedding party and welcomes the bride and the groom’s arrival with great enthusiasm.

Grace- if appropriate

Entree is served

The Host or MC proposes the Loyal Toast if appropriate

Main course, desert and coffee is served

MC then make an introduction with the Father of the bride to propose a toast to the couple.

Then MC introduces the groom to make his wedding speech.

The Groom’s Speech and his Toast to the Bridesmaids

coupleMC introduces the best man for his wedding speech with a toast to the parents of the bride.

Then the MC introduces the father or the mother of the bride or they simply get up for their wedding speeches mad make a toast to the Groom’s parents.

Followed by the father or the mother of the groom’s wedding speech with a welcome and toast the traditional guest of honor and their new daughter- in-law.

Then MC introduces the best man or whoever will read out any messages and then the MC closes the speeches by thanking everyone and announces the time of cutting out the cake.

These are all traditional wedding speech order however in our wedding day we broke the rule and set our wedding speech order in a new way. You can do it anytime only it doesn’t spoil the mood of the party. “Wedding speech for you” can be of great help to find out new wedding speech order. This guide has full of amazing speech examples and ideas as well as new wedding speech order.

If there are just few speakers then the wedding speech can be little long than short one. It happens when most of the speakers don’t feel comfortable to speak in front od an audience. “Wedding speeches for all” also helps building your confidence to deliver your speech. Only thing you need is to try it out.


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No matter how you plan your wedding speeches and its order according to your comfort, but all that matter is how you present yourself with your speech. Make sure that you prepare a funny as well as a touching wedding speech, covering all the sentiments so that your speech touches the hearts of the guests present in the party. Wedding speeches should be short and it should sound sweet interesting as well. Your wedding speech represents your personality and also it will create an impression about you at that moment. You just can not ignore the importance of a great toast or a great wedding speech. It is highly recommended to write your speech so that it sounds professional, perfect and also funny and interesting. We had taken a help from “Wedding speech for you” which made all of our speeches memorable and we enjoyed our wedding day to the highest level possible. In fact our friends still talks about it and it gives us immense pleasure. That is the reason why I have created this little website so that you can have a great day.

No matter where you stay- UK, NZ, Canada, US, Australia, Ireland or any part of the world, the audience will expect to have a grand reception from every aspect of the wedding party and you just can’t spoil that moment.

I hope this little information will help you.

Best regards,


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