Enhance Your Best Man Wedding Speech with these tips

The traditional wedding speech order demands the best man wedding speech to be in the 3rd position just after the Groom finishes his toast. When your best friend or brother ask you to be the best man then it is a proud and excited moment for you.

But soon you discover that your joy and happiness has turn into panic and worry. Your thoughts suddenly seems to get paralysed and you are completely at a loss of words. Whatever you are thinking at that moment suddenly seems to go for ride out of excitement. The best man speech is an intregal part of an wedding ceremony so you can’t just spoil the moment.

It is a best practice to be prepared if you think you have a chance of being the best man.bestman “Wedding speech for you” is a program where you get to learn how to instantly create a speech. The tips are purely situation based.

Great wedding speeches are those where the audience gets captivated and captured the hearts of the guest present on the wedding party. Short but interesting best man wedding speech is the best.

In my wedding day, my brother-in-law was the best man and he prepared a wonderful speech from the guide I have been mentioning again and again. “Wedding speech for you” is a guide where you will also get to know how to build your confidence if you are little shy of speaking in front of an audience.

10 tips to write best man wedding speeches

* When you end your speech, you should end with a befitting humorous toast through which you will drink to the health and happiness of the lovely couple and wish them best of luck for the future.
* You can also propose a toast to the bridesmaids and complement them on their beauty and elegance.
* You may use funny remarks like the wedding here is pretty pure and simple. The groom is simple while the bride is pure.
* You can even recount funny stories on how the groom has changed drastically after meeting the bride.
* There is no harm in including a lighthearted joke regarding honeymoon in your best man wedding speech.
* Thank the guests in a naughty manner for taking the trouble to attend this wedding and that it is wonderful to see so many friends and family gathered together after a long time.
* Then you can throw in the naughty quip that it is a matter of unceasing amazement that so many people are ready to travel miles to down a free meal!
* You may even start your speech by saying something like it is always difficult to follow a groom’s speech and that you have been proved right.
* You could not indeed follow one word of what the groom said in his speech!
* These are just some ways you inject some humor and spice into your speech. It is not essential that you follow this pattern.

Everyone in the wedding hall wait for the best man speech because they get an chance to know the interesting stories about the couple which otherwise remain untold. A best man is the right hand man of the Groom whose job is to provide support and provide help of the nervous Groom. So the best man speech is the main awaited wedding speech in any situation.

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